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What is chiropractic medicine?

Every area of the body is affected by the nervous system. As the nerves travel from the brain through the spine before making their way into the body, spinal mobility is critical to health and comfort. Even slight restrictions can lead to symptoms in areas far away from the spine itself due to referral pain or nerve irritation. If you experience muscle pain, numbness, tingling, chronic headaches, or other discomfort, you can benefit from focused chiropractic care. Likewise, we treat patients who want to experience optimal physical performance or improve their energy level.
Unlike conventional medical therapies, chiropractic care is rooted in natural wellness. The body knows what to do; sometimes it just needs a little help. Your experienced chiropractor uses drug-free, non-surgical, non-invasive techniques through which the body's optimal function is promoted.

We design care specifically for you

When you visit our friendly, comfortable chiropractic office in West Linn, Oregon, you will find that we do not view chiropractic care as a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. Each body is different and we realize that different patients will have different needs. This is true even if the general complaint is the same. Before hands-on care begins, Dr. Emmert performs a thorough consultation and spinal assessment through which he can determine the most appropriate therapeutic plan.
Spinal assessments and postural screening enables us to identify pertinent health information that can then guide us in the ongoing promotion of function, mobility, comfort, and overall wellbeing. A number of techniques may be incorporated into an individual care plan. In addition to spinal adjustments for the neck, back, and joints, our patients may benefit greatly from the use of corrective exercises, massage therapy, and lifestyle and nutritional guidance.

Let us help

Spinal restrictions may occur for numerous reasons. It is not only an automobile accident or work injury that may cause symptoms, but also the stressors of everyday living. Dr. Emmert and his team work with one goal, to restore your comfort and wellness so that you may engage fully in your life.
We are happy to answer your questions about chiropractic care in a private consultation. Schedule your visit at (503) 557-1122.

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When I first came to see Dr. Emmert my back kept hurting me and I was having trouble going to the bathroom. I was taking medicine. Now my back is feeling much better and I would say that Dr. Emmert is the best.
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Thankful for a doctor that fixes my back and my pain. I leave feeling great!
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